Task Priorities

  1. Stage 1 
    1. View asset information (“price”,..) (“financial news”)
    2. View market volatility by (week, days or custom duration) and asset group
    3. Generate trading signals
      1. Build trading strategies in the model
    4. Build algorithmic trading
    5. Strategy
      1. Evaluate Strategies that is unique & special to us that is not available with other hedge funds
  2. Stage 2
    1. Improve the trading process:
      1. Think critically of data, and the process of forecasting and removing or minimizing the errors impact in overall growth of the capital
  3. Stage 3
    1. Analysis
      1. Evaluate “Alternative investments”
    2. Team building
      1. Understand the hedge funds team structure (evaluate from LinkedIn)
      2. Understand their expertise (evaluate from LinkedIn)
    3. Fund raising
      1. Understand their process to fund raising (sovereign funds, state funds, HNI, companies)
      2. How to use Government and Sovereign institution professional connections to raise money
    4. Taxes
      1. How to manage the Taxes on profits. How the best funds do this ? 
    5. Operational Risk management
      1. Bad service, Bad trade execution