Phase : Stage 2, Fund size: 10-15m$ USD, Management fee: 2-4%,

Yearly business expenses: 300,000$ USD

S. NoCategoryTypeTitleCost in USD (yearly)Activities
1Executive teamBusiness teamCEO & CIO 100,000 (10% perf.bonus)Investor relations
Build & maintain technology infrastructure
Build & improve trade and trading team
Find & Hire quality Quants to work as consultant
2Executive teamAdvisorChief Strategy officer40,000 (10% performance bonus)Evaluate the high-level strategy and trade execution methods
3Trading ResourceConsultant / AgencyMarket researcher30,000(1% performance bonus) Gather asset information
4Trading ResourceConsultant / AgencySignal reviewer / Consultant30,000(1% performance bonus)Validate the trade strategy and information correctness
5Trading ResourceConsultant / AgencyTrader (trade execution)40,000(1% performance bonus)Execute trades based on the received signals
6ResourceOptionalHR (Hiring)
8InfrastructureRenting office space, Electricity, Cloud infrastructure60,000