CategoryActivity Description
Stage1: Technology

Showcase the technology expertise of the founding team
– Gather asset data from multiple sources and avoid false/wrong data (Yahoo finance, Paid sources, API via Broker accounts, open platforms)
– News information from multiple sources
– Generate trading signals
– Provide trading signals for financial assets (buy, sell, trade size, time frame, reasoning of the signal)
– Use multiple strategies based on technical indicators
– Forecasting of events in market and Evaluation of the prediction probability (backtest)
– Build machine learning algorithms to provide probability of a certain macro event on a financial asset within a time frame
– Provide the description of the reasons behind the prediction
– Build a market research tool on financial assets
– Gather data from Google trends
– Gather data from website rank
– Gather positive and negative sentiment on a financial asset, business, country
– Gather macro news impact at country and industry level
– Comparison of above tools with similar service providers
Stage 1:Manual Trading 

Showcase the  trading capability of the founding team
– Showcase technology, market research expertise
– Build trading consistency of upto 10 million dollars with the duration and trade logs (as confidential documents)
Stage 1:Algorithmic Trading

Showcase the algorithmic trading capability of the founding team
– Create a pipeline beginning with Trading signal generation
– Trade strategy and Trade approval
– Trade positioning based on confidence (risk management)
– Execution of the trade in the financial market
– Monitoring of the ongoing trade on profits and losses (risk management)
– Review the pipeline for continuous improvement, (risks, growth, metrics, and strategy)
Stage 2: Vision & Strategy
– Describe the vision and purpose of the fund aligning with founding member’s past expertise, planned strategy and the expected RoI for investors
– Market neutral strategy
– Global macro strategy
Stage 3:Onboard Investment 

Showcase our capability and raise investments from institutions, family offices and HNI 
Prospectus | Private Placement Memorandum (Deck preparation)

Overall Vision [A technology and research focused group of Quants]

Technology expertise
– Data science capability (AI/Machine Learning)
– Algorithmic signal generation
– Algorithmic trading

Targeted Markets
– Focused on financial markets with enough liquidity and volatility(metals, crypto, global indexes, currencies)

Trade Plan & Strategy
Market research feeds

Risk management
– Define particulars of trade plan and strategy
– Trade logs
– Trade review

Team Culture 
– Independence, Expertise, Collaboration, Intelligence, Innovation

Advisors (Experts in our strategy)

Core Team
– Managing Partner,
– Chief Strategy Officer
– Chief Market Researcher,
– Chief Trader
– Chief Risk Officer,
– Chief Compliance officer
– Chief Culture Officer (HR/Training/Psychology development)
– Chief Technology Officer

Team Track record (past stats)

– 2% management fee and 20% profit fee or
– 1% management fee and 30% profit fee
– Minimum cap: 500k, Max per entity: 5mMax. fund size: 2b$ USD

Investor agreement document
Management fee and profit %

Risks, Strategy definitions, Confidential information

Get Anchor Capital

Build strategic partnership with HNI, institutions and businesses
Stage 4: RegistrationBrand name
Simple, Reputable, Positive
Hedge fund registration
Decide the country (AU, HK or USA)
Choose a name for the company
Register the fund 
Website creation
Law firm partnership
Expertise in financial law and hedge funds
Consultation on the type of hedge fund entity to create (
Stage 5: Fund Promotion
(Expansion of the fund to onboard more investments)
Blog | Articles (Inbound marketing)
Conduct special events
Stage 5:Team Hiring
Device a plan & strategy to incentivize and {select, engage and retain }  experts to join as advisors and as well as part of active team)

Criteria: past successful track record, compatibility, common vision(principles, beliefs), alignment and expertise in the chosen assets/strategy

Listening and  multi-level intelligence

Availability to work in the contracted duration on the expertise.

Monitor & Measure
Build redundancy

Hire leaders in AI/Data Science Technology, Market research, Trading
Stage 5:MiscellaneousAccounting
– Tax file number
– Registration as investment advisor
– Registration with IAR & SEC

– Find and setup an office space

– Corporate by-laws
– Compliance manual, code of conduct
– policy and process related to conducting business and trade

– Find a “prime-broker”