Version History

1.0May 20, 2020Describe all the activities to be done to create a successful hedge fundAatral Arasu(
1.1May 21, 2020Prioritize the activity order by stageAatral Arasu
1.2May 26, 2020Update the AUMAatral Arasu
1.3June 3, 2020Update stage 1 activitiesAatral Arasu
1.4June 3, 2020Define the operations. Finalise the first draft.Aatral Arasu
1.5June 3, 2020Review of the plan and activitiesHan Shi Mo
1.6June 4, 2020Review of the plan and activitiesAatral Arasu
1.7June 4, 2020Update the executive summaryAatral Arasu
1.8June 10, 2020Update a topic related to building the portfolio for the year (category and asset allocation %) and associated risk managementAatral Arasu
1.9July 6, 2020Update the architecture of the visualised platformAatral Arasu
2.0Jan 13,2021Refinement of StrategyAatral Arasu (
2.16 April 2021Include wireframes and requirements of AI Zero trading platform
Aatral Arasu